Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Ornaments from Vintage Typewriter Balls, Volume 2

Autumn in New York was a movie that I have always loved, I might watch it this week as I am feeling a bit nostalgic. 

After I made my Red Feather Typewriter Ball Christmas Ornament, I was feeling inspired and wanted to make another one that will go with the decor of our condo. In this movie Charlotte Fielding (played By Wynnona Rider) has this glass mobile sculpture that she keeps in her bedroom that reminds her of her mother she keeps adding to it as she sees things that would fit. I was unable to find any pictures of it but you can see what I am talking about in this video about a minute into it. 

I decided to use a lot of the stuff that I had left over from the little bling sprays that I made for the bouquets at the wedding that will be Christmas tree decorations afterwards (Post to come). I also added to the mix a few old necklaces that I cut to length, a broken jeweled belt that were so popular years ago and a round earring that I had lost the match to. If you could find 2 hoop earrings with dangles like this it would be ideal or even 4 so you would have that as a constant all the way around. This one will be a bit more A symmetrical. I clipped on the ends of earrings that I could and I put the o rings together to add stability. It is one heavy ornament.

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