Friday, December 17, 2010



Sorry for yelling, but it is true. Remember when I had a whole post on the Vita mix blender 500 and when I had the step by step instructions on how to make a chalkboard piggy bank, that showed what I was saving for:

I had this all worked out. This blender was the whole reason that I was participating in the healthy choices program, six phone calls over six months yielding a $250 gift card of one of three hundred retailers. I knew Williams-Sonoma would be on there. 

$250 healthy choice gift card
$160 per diem visa from a business trip
$125 cash back bonus Chase
 $50 cash back bonus Discover
Which just left $15 from my piggy bank

That was the plan, then last night when we were baking some beef, red pepper, mozzarella, and basil pinwheels last night in our counter top convection oven, (which we use an awful lot since usually I am just cooking for Mike and myself) and it did not turn off at the end of the time. We have been having some issues with it turning off before it was suppost to but this was the first time that it overcooked something. And then the final tilt I got this message from Williams Sonoma in my email box today:

Usually Vita mix is excluded from any offer, the 10% off you can get if you buy something after cooking class.  For this offer the only thing that is excluded is Shun knifes. So now that I need both my blender

 and my convection oven

I figure that if I get my blender now it is almost 50% off the oven. So needless to say I have one on hold at Williams Sonoma right now, that we will pick up today on the way to Sandy's graduation. Then after Christmas I will go get my convection oven. I can still apply my Chase rewards to the purchase without ordering the gift card and I ordered the discover cash back bonus (because you get an extra five dollars) that I will use on the oven. Merry Christmas to me!

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  1. Post the pinwheels recipe! It doesn't sound familiar to me, and it sounds like something I would love!