Saturday, November 19, 2011

The chairs take three

Starting in 2005, I started bringing chairs home and storing them in my parents basement. Then I did not do any thing with them until a few years later in 2008. I sanded them down, reupholstered, and painted them. That was my apartment on my own. Now that there are two of us and we are in our condo Mikey thought it was time for a makeover. Here is the transition (it is a bummer that I do not have the before shots on all of them) :

This one will not have an after for a while as they have been done for a while and we have been using them and one day I was sitting in it. Thank goodness it was me and one of the legs broke in half. It flipped me over like a cartoon. Even though Mikey and Leonard bolted it back together I am holding some resentment still so I have yet to repaint. Plus on the way home it rained so it was in rain for 2 hours and more paint needs to be sanded off and reapplied more damage was done than you would think. 

RIP to this little chair it did not make the cut this time but I gave it to my friend Melissa so you will see it in a makeover soon.

These sweet rose charmers I got at the ARC for $7.99 each

I covered them with this tweed fabric that I got at Joann's, I was there the other night and saw a guy buying a whole bunch to recover a slipper chair.

I loved the chair covers, so I changed them rather than getting rid of them. I ranted a few times about the stripping process and got so angry that I had to stop. I was talking to to my friend Cameron at work about and he said I have a sprayer. Just get them all ready and give me oil primer and oil paint in the color you want. Needless to say I got him the chairs and the paint with in a week or so. He got them back to me in a week and a half. Thank you Lemon! Then the reupholstering of the seats began:

You start by taking out a gazillion staples even the second pointless layer that attached a cover to the bottom of the chair, which no one ever sees and  I will not be doing again.  

 Have a couple of pairs of pliers and a bowl to put them all in.

Cut and iron your fabric

 Put down batting.

Then put down your thick chair batting.

I even spray adhered some misc pieces that I had left over from previous projects and it worked great.

Add your wood.

Pull fabric and batting tight and staple away. I always do the corners in angles. 

All done. Ready to reattach. And now the finished result:

The twins look great now don't they.

Love the sweet little detail.

These are so wonderful. 

Art deco is my favorite.

And these two. 

This is our work horse, it is the only one that is not upholstered. It really goes our guestroom but we painted it the same color so if we had a large party we could pull it out. 

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