Sunday, November 20, 2011

15 Stocking Stuffers <$15

Tis the time for gift wrapping and giving. Here are my 15 stocking stuffers under $15.

1. Strawberry Huller $7.95 Williams-Sonoma Eat strawberries everyday they are more fun than apples.

2. L'Occitane lavender organic hand purifying gel $7.00 This stuff smells so wonderful and it does not dry out your hands like most hand sanitizer does.
3. L'Occitane lavender organic body lotion $9.00 Smells so great
4. Bath & Body Works C. O. Bigelow Lip gloss $7.50 each or by 2 get one free so 3 for 15, yay! Get Lemon Lip Cream, Ultra Mentha Lip Shine and Vanilla Lip Shine. One for every mood.
5. Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Shower Gel $13 Great for guys and girls Mikey and I both use this. 
6. Bath & Body Works Stress Relief $6.50, nightlight Wallflower nightlight $8.50 Every bathroom nuff said
7. Aveda hand and foot care gift set $15.00 This is just what the doctor ordered for your extremities. 

8. Williams-Sonoma Mexican Vanilla Extract $12.75 It seems excessive but it is so not. 

9. Williams-Sonoma Perfect Egg Timer $6.00 make the Dippy Eggs & Soldiers from kiss my spatula without frustration.  

10. Williams-Sonoma Utensil Holder Clip Set of 2 $12.00 Get rid of your spoon rest it always gets splattered with stuff this will keep it clean.

11. Amazon Metal Bendy Straws with Cleaner $10.99, I got some of these late year and they are amazing.
12. REI Marshmallo/ Hot Dog Roasting Forks Set of Two $12.50 They call me the Smore Queen.

13. The Container Store Lunchskins Sandwich bags $8.99 Reuse BPA free and dishwasher safe
14. The Container Store Two Reusable Mesh Produce Bags $6.99 Why throw things away when you can reuse?
15. The Container Store Retro Ice Bag $12.99 I love the dukies and the updated red cross

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