Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gifts for the Guys ~ Wedding Wednesdays

I wanted something special for the guys for the wedding. The girls got earrings to wear at the wedding and we got the guys custom cuff links made. I love Esty I found Jay and his shop Wooden Treasures you should check it out I must say that there was not a single thing that we did not love while dealing with Jay. He was wonderful. When I had looked originally he had all gold backs on his cuff links we are not a fan of gold so he did silver for us. He also gave Mike a matching tie tack with our order. Here is a picture that he sent us to show his progress and the wood grain of the piece of wood he selected for us. We had specified olive wood. 

I had found the accessory holders last year on clearance and bought as many as they had I would have liked to have one more. Mikey did not get one. :( I realized I never took a picture with the cuff links in them.

Picture of Greg and Mikey dancing (while I danced with my mom) I shows his cuff link. 

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