Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Dress ~ Wedding Wednesday

I love this dress! Other people love it too. Paula Abdul wore one to the AMA awards dyed black.

So I was able to get my wedding dress for and AMAZING price it is the Enzoni Dakota. Even after all of the changes I made and the alterations we ended up spending a tenth of what this dress retails for. The story of fining my dress started with my mom. We rented a Martha Stewart DVD from the library and it said that you should try on one of every style the idea that you have in your mind of what you want may not be what looks right on your body. I tried on a mermaid dress as a joke, and learned that Martha was right, I would be getting a mermaid dress. I ended up going to a dress store with my friend Leslie that was changing their style and closing out their inventory. It was the third dress I tried on and I loved it. Leslie cried and I got it that day. I called my mom and drove down to show her after and she loved it too.

There were only three things that were wrong with this dress:
  • It was a little dirty on the bottom.
  • It was missing a few buttons on the back, which were actual buttons which I love.
  • There was a small tear on one of the under layers. 
Problem solutions they included the dry cleaning in with the alterations of my dress. First with the buttons I tried to order through Enzoni but that proved to be difficult so I went to Joanns and got some that that I got some bling buttons and every fifth button became a crystal button. I also used these buttons to make earrings for all of the bridesmaids and moms for the wedding. 

The tear on one of the under layers was solved with my something old where I harvested all the lace off my mom's wedding dress and sewed it on my under layers, one completely by hand following the designs. Over 100 hours of my life. So the next layer was by machine with the help of Mary and Barb. Thanks ladies!

I also had my alterations lady make my neckline dip to make it a little different. 

Besides the price I have to say that one of the best things about having a sample dress is that I watch say yes to the dress and every time someone buys a lace dress, when the new one comes in they are unhappy with how stiff the lace is and it is not like you have time to break it in, mine was so soft and comfortable. Also in Monster in Law fashion the dress was too big for me, so it was altered to fit my body. I could not have been happier with my dress. 

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