Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping a Rug Down While Moving Furniture ~ Tricky Thursdays

So we recently got the couch that I have loved for over a decade and Mikey has come to love since we have been together. It is always good to have a under rug mat and we always have but we run the cords for our surround sound beneath the rug and the cords would move when we had to re-adjust the rug so this time we took it completely up and started from scratch. We put the rug pad down and used blue painter tape to secure the pad and wires and then we put the rug on top.

Then we had the delivery guys place the sofa and we put back the end table and coffee table back in place. 


Future projects in this room:
  • Finish the last panel of curtains and finish the tops for good. I will explain how and why I made them temporary previously.
  • Find and hang the fifth guitar, don't worry I already have the hanging hardware so it will match.
  • Make a cover for our Wii fit board, possibly out of pallet wood?
  • Do something to cover that old alarm plate. 

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