Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Dinning Room

Our dining room is one of our most used rooms. I love to entertain. There is plenty of wall space to hang up pictures, we have 17 pictures hanging up in our dinning room. About half of them are mine the others well I have a soft spot in my heart for original art that is abandoned at the thrift store so I adopt some of it. 

This collage is from when Mikey's parents and I met up with him when he got back from Iraq. I need to change out the teal to something that goes with our condo.

Behind the table this is where our laundry lives. 

The picture ledges they have a 360 view of the view from the top of the space needle. Eating at a rotating restaurant was on my bucket list and the first item that Mikey and I did together. 

All of the items up there are really special. 

This was my favorite medium format camera from school. 

This brownie was Mike's grandparents. 

This land camera and I go way back...

The insulators were my grandpa's, my grandma gave them to me after he passed.

I have a post coming about where we got our dinning room table and transformed it. I am linking this to the room by room party over at Cottage and Vine

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  1. What a fun collection of cameras! It is nice that you use your dining room often instead of saving it for special occasions.

    Thanks for joining the "room by room" series!