Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Earrings From Buttons ~ Wedding Wednesday

"Even stylistic elements need friends" ~ Tiffany Miller 

I replaced some of the buttons on my wedding dress because some of them were missing when I bought it, it was a sample. I found these buttons that perfectly matched my wedding earrings that could not have been more perfect and also relate to this post. As they were clips and I converted them to pierced earrings as well as the ones that my mom wore.

I could not find wire cutters when I was working on this so I used to nail clippers. They were new so I do not want any judgement. I also used epoxy and nickel free earring posts as Kristy and Melissa have nickel allergies. 

I used the clippers but you could use a wire cutter as well to take off the back of the buttons.

I used epoxy to connect the earring backs to the fronts.

When I was deconstructing a broken broach of my mothers I broke the clippers. 

The guys cuff links came in these silver boxes but I had put them in another man accessories thing. I can show you that next week. So I just got felt from the craft store and cut it with pinking shears and put them in the box for my girls.

Here is Miss. Kristy modeling her earrings.

And mom wearing hers.

And these were mine.

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  1. I love my earrings!!! I wear them all of the time- I get tons of compliments on them. Thanks Sister!