Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Storage ~ Tricky Thursdays

We have a condo and it really fits our lifestyle. We do not have the time to maintain a full house or yard and it is wonderful that we have a gym and pool just outside our building. The one thing I do not love is the lack of storage. I have a lot of stuff. I am still trying to give things to people and we built the shelves in our master to get things that we have stored out where we can enjoy them. As of now we have never ever had a car in the garage and I would like to change that now that my commute is about an hour and I leave so early when it snows I would really prefer to not have to scrape my windows. A few months ago we received a bed platform from my mom and Greg for a wedding present. It was already a storage bed frame it has six drawers underneath. There was a lot of room between them. 

I fit three whole tupperwares between them. This will mean that I will have to take the bed off twice a year, once to take them out and once to put them back in but that is just one more thing out of the garage. Now I can put something else in those totes in the garage. Maybe something that is on the floor right now. :)

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