Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick bookshelf update and posts to do

Before everyone came out for the wedding there were a ton of projects I wanted to get done. This is super understandable seeing as so many people that I never get to see were going to be at our house and for a lot of them it would be the only time they would be there. There were some huge projects like decorating the guest bedroom, some ones that did not make it like finishing the family room drapes (which still needs to be done), lengthening the master bedroom drapes (which I will post about later this week), and little projects that did get done like this quick shelf update.

My parents gave us these shelves when we moved in to our condo. We happened to buy our condo about six months before they moved so we were granted with extras as they were purging when we were accumulating. These shelves are in no way special I think my step dad Greg got them at office max or something. Black is pretty predominant in our place and I wanted shelves when you first walked in so they were perfect in those facts coupled with they were free. Thanks mom and Greg!

The tops always bothered me they were gray speckled finish like cheap counter tops. I decided to just paint the top and oh what a difference it made. I used my favorite paint. General finishes milk paint in lamp black. This stuff will coat any type of surface is durable and the finish is flawless. They are not even a sponsor of mine. But I would LOVE them to be, if you happen to know anyone that works there, I will work for paint... and stain. :) 

Huge difference. To see my tutorial on the numbered baskets. Anyway that was kind of a short post and feels like cheating a bit so here is the blogging to do list I posted last month with updated links. I will continue to link them up as I finish. If there is something you would like to see, leave me a comment and I will work on that first. 

Upcoming projects
  • Master bathroom
  • Picture ledges
  • Sofa table - this is going to be cool! A no cost makeover that started with this:

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