Thursday, November 10, 2011

Duvet Covers Getting Them to Stay Put ~ Tricky Thursday

Happy binary day! This is the second to last one of the century. Tomorrow is the last one and my friend Anna and Brad are getting married at 11. Nerd Alert. I love you guys! My friend Shantel was telling me the other day that her sister was having issues with her new duvet cover. That each morning she would wake up and the comforter would be in a bunch at one of the corners. Here is how you prevent that. I will fully admit that I did not always know the best way to do this I have spent time inside a duvet trying to work it out. This is the process that I have found that works best for me. Turn the duvet completely inside out. Place it on the bed.

West Elm is really great about making great details that make life easier like the connected slats on our bed that you can see here. Like that project you can do this very easily, you just need 14 inches or ribbon, not satin, the more texture you have the better it will work. 

Sew, or safety pin the ribbon to the inside of the duvet. 

Then hook a safety pin in the outermost corner of the quilt you are using.

Then tie a bow with the ribbon connected to the duvet on the safety pin on the quilt.

Repeat for each corner.

Then flip the duvet right side out, and button. I always make sure the buttons are at the bottom so I do not feel them. I also always use a king comforter when we have a queen bed. I am a bit of a blanket steal-er. 

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