Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vintage Flash Bulb Ornaments

I collect vintage cameras, after I was required to get a Polaroid land camera for school I fell in love with vintage cameras. I look in thrift stores for them, I know that they are pretty popular and that it has been done before:

I still love them, and other people do too. Last night Shantel asked where they were? They usually live on top of my bookshelves that you see first thing when you walk in. There are white poinsettias there right now for the holidays and they are in storage until their new home in the dinning room is ready. So back to the point years ago I was at a Salvation Army looking for vintage cameras and I found a bag of random flash bulbs. They were still in their original packaging and they were all only $4. I got them, I did not know what I was going to do with them, and I held on to them for years until now.

Vintage flash bulb ornaments

Supplies needed:
  • Vintage flash bulbs
  • tacky glue
  • ribbon I used thin silver ribbon from Joann's that I thought was $.50 a roll but it was really a dollar. I started off with three but I will need at least three more to finish the big bulbs. 
I love how you can see all of the metal filliment inside. 
  1. start by cutting your ribbon in to thirty-six inch strips, you want eight inches to hang and then use eight inches for the loop, so you have four inches of hanging room.
  2. Glue around the metal part of the bulb, I put a dot and then used a q-tip to spread it around, place the ribbon at the measurements discussed in #1.
  3. There are no pictures of this part because it was messy, make a half fold in the ribbon and starting at the base wrap it tightly around overlapping the layers until you get to the top, then tightly wrap back down to the bottom. This adds more stability and convenience for bow tying. When you reach back to the ribbon that is hanging down where you started tie into a knot, then tie into a bow.
  4. Trim ribbon as desired. 

Tie in a bow.

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