Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tissue Christmas Trees

Today has been one of those busy laid back days. I have done a lot but not in a frenzied way. Lots of laundry and playing with my new toy. I made a smoothie, soup, and sorbet in it today. I am completely satisfied with it I think every kitchen appliance should be its on dishwasher that feature alone might be worth the $600.

Anywho, I saw a link to the Creative Mommas blog where they were making tissue Christmas trees.

 They had made their's from scratch from plastic cups. I however had these 3 candles that were kind of beat up that I had in my Christmas decorations box.

I especially liked the rosette one so I decided to start with that. I had gotten some silver tissue paper at Pier one the same day that I had gotten the tree candles every thing Christmas was 90% off that day so these materials were less than $3. 

Following their directions I cut the tissue paper in to 1.5 inch strips. 

Then I twirled them.

Using hot glue I then glued them to the candle. This process took several hours in which I watched Fame and many episodes from Lie To Me Season 2. 

I decided for the second tree to use some cream lace I had in my lace stash. This tree took maybe 15 minutes whereas the other one took like 6 hours, I understand why they got burnt out after 2. I feel the same way. The third on will be for another day. I will also hunt to find some varying height candlesticks to put underneath them to add interest. 

The bling was a wine bottle decoration that I had also gotten that day. So this is what I got accomplished today. 


  1. Thanks for the link up. Yours turned out beautiful!

    Just stumbled upon this little tree to, its cool too! I love your rosette one!