Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Christmas Vignette

Yesterday I was able to finish the Christmas tree, Mikey and Leonard are going to make the base for it this weekend and then I will post pictures. That was a lot of hours yesterday, I think ten all together. I also made this little vignette.

I did not have to do a whole lot of work for this, and it probably only cost like $3. The little tree was a dollar, the bow was $.40, and I probably used a dollar or two of the snow blanket I bought for my mantel. The rest I had. 

The bow had a little rust and a few chips so I went over it with some silver nail polish. I hot glued some rings to the back of it so I could hang it with ribbon, which I just taped to the back of the wood ring we found the weekend of our engagement. I might add some more of the little ornaments, there was some teal ones that do not match anymore and I painted them with this pewter sparkle nail polish but it still needs another coat. I will post and updated picture once it it done.  

Tomorrow expect to see pictures of the thank you notes for the wedding. I worked on them about eight hours today, either Mary and I will finish them up tonight or tomorrow. They are awesome!

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