Saturday, December 11, 2010

Silver seems to be the color of the day

Yesterday I had lots of projects that I was working on and although they are not all ready to share here are some of the ones that are. I have been spending a lot of time making, recreating, or transforming things to go with our new color scheme.

These were little mini ornaments that went with the silver mini ornaments that I had used in the 
Christmas VignetteBecause we had purchased them to go in the apartment they were teal. We did not decorate last Christmas as it was a very hectic time, here are some shots from Christmas 2008:

This before the time of the super amazing and awesome custom entertainment center that I designed and Mikey and Leonard made. That little black shelf is going to go though a transformation after the holidays. 

These are the curtains that I had made with blackout material behind them because that apartment was not very energy efficient. The stars from Pottery barn are now here in the condo. The white poinsettias are now here. That rug that you see was one of my AMAZ-ING projects that I had done when Mikey was in Iraq. I could not find a rug that I liked that went with the colors of the decor. I did however find a reversable bath mat that would have been perfect if it was ten times its size. So what I did was over time I bought twelve of them and hand sewed them all together. It was a very cumbersome project but I love the result. 

So it looks like I have made a mistake. In my post about my 
Teal Bamboo Lamp I had said that I had never used it before but I did here, go check out what it is now. 

This was our Christmas tree that year, a rosemary tree that tragically died, maybe it was the lights? This is a vast comparison to our tree this year. The Charlie Brown/West Elm inspired paper Christmas tree

The teal ornaments that were in question on this tree are now happily recreated on this tree, all they needed was three coats of OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous nail color number NL Z18. The little disco ball did not survive the coat of paint as it seemed to melt whatever was on the inside. 

Now here they are reunited with their friends in their new home, the three presents that are now chrome have moved in as well (see their before picture below). 

These letters are originally from a shadow box frame that I converted for our San Diego trip where Mary, Leonard and I met Mikey when he returned from Iraq. I had purchased the frame at Goodwill for $3.99 my first thrift purchase in Denver.  

I found a sand dollar on the shore of Coronado beach something that was also on my bucket list. I might have to give this frame another little mini makeover so that I can make it go with our current decor. I have some wonderful green velvet ribbon that I got the other day at the Salvation Army that may one day be replacing the Tiffany blue. 

I added some ribbon, there is a wide lack ribbon on the back I used iron on webbing to connect everything. 

Then I used hot glue to connect the letters, the O I made a little cattywompus to make it more interesting. 

I know that is the third brown Christmas ornament this week but they are really starting to grow on me. 

This is a Random smattering of things that I sprayed with mirror silver spray paint. That gold Christmas tree I got at for $1.20 and the presents for $2.25 (see these items, the green velvet ribbon I was just talking about and what else I got there that day here). The caps are for gift boxes for my girls for Christmas, I still have a lot to do with that so that will be posted later. The gold ornament was from Pottery Barn and I love paisley but the color just was not right.  

It looked pretty good plain silver.

The frame

Now on to another jammed packed day, at least today ends with and ugly sweater party! My love made me banana pancakes to fuel the day. 

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