Monday, December 6, 2010

Vintage Flash Bulb Ornaments Volume 2

If you missed my first post about Vintage Flash Bulb Ornaments see it here, it will give you the background where and how I ended up with the flash bulbs and the version of ornaments that I did with the larger bulbs. Now on to the smaller set, which starts out the same way as the larger set did:

Vintage flash bulb ornaments

Supplies needed:
  • Vintage flash bulbs
  • tacky hot glue
  • ribbon I used thin silver ribbon from Joann's that I thought was $.50 a roll but it was really a dollar. Before I had been using the 1/8 of and inch rolls and when I went back to get more I picked up some 1/4 of and inch. 
These two little modifications made all the difference. The hot glue cut the time down by 3/4ths easy, and the wider ribbon lessened the amount that I needed to use. 

These are the bulbs that I used for this project. 

I love the wire filament inside.

So to start I put a dab of hot glue on either side and attached a ribbon. I am now using all of the flash bulbs on a smaller silver tree so the loops are smaller. 

Then I added another dab of glue and wrapped the ribbon around the bulb. I made sure to tuck the end under before the final bit of glue to make sure I liked the edge. 

I love the little "S" detail, it makes me wish that my last name started with "S". But mine does not and neither does Mikey's. 

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