Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shantel's Suprise

So last night we had a surprise for Shantel, a birthday party. I have been involved with surprise parties before but this was the first on that I have ever been involved in the planning and hosing. Cindy had to to most of the lying, so she gets bonus points for that. Remember the post I did a while back about if I was to host a holiday party? Well that was instructions for the people that were coming. It did manage to be a surprise, here are some of the pictures:


Crowned and ready to be wined and dined. 

 Shantel and her sister Wendy

Leslie and I cooking.

Shantel and Cindy.

 So I knew that we had Sterno for my fondue set, but then I could not find it... what to do? Well that is my ice cooker I figured the boiling water would create a double boiler, and it worked great. Dear Cuisinart, Thank you for your three year warranty on your products. Think you should start selling a bowl attachment for your rice cooker and market it as a doubler boiler, great for melting chocolate, hollandaise sauce, and even fondue. Please send me 10% of the profits from this.
xoxo Tiffany

Getting ready,

The set table

Leslie, Shantel, Cindy and Me

Mikey came home, we let him stay, he helped make the chocolate fondue. 


Shantel trying to wear all of her bling at once. 

This morning has been pretty productive, I finished cleaning and doing the dishes. I am having breakfast orange juice and mini quiche.
 Yum, one day I am going to make a bunch of these from scratch and freeze them so I can eat them when ever I want. 
 I toasted some of the leftover bread and I will make breadcrumbs form them a little later. 

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