Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Holiday Mantel

We do not have a fireplace in the condo, I do do really like the gas ones, I do not think they put off the same amount of heat and you cannot make smores in them. Plus there is no where that makes sense for us to have one. So I created our mantle on top of the bookshelves that you see when you first walk in.

Beautiful, at first I was not planning on decorating this year as I has realized late, late Sunday night that our Christmas decorations did not go with our new color scheme. I had left the white Poinsettias on the floor and Mikey had put them on the top of the bookshelves to get them out of the way. I figured a little decorating would be ok. 

The poinsettias and sparkle sprays I had got at Pier One during one of their fantastic 90% off sales. Dear Pier One, I wish you still had those. 

The evergreen garland I got at the ARC for $.99 still in its original packaging, and I spent seven dollars on the snow blanket, sounds like a lot but it is the kind that was made in a green way. 

The bling sprays, I had got these at one of the after Christmas sales, they did not look  so great then, see everywhere that has a gray pearl? Well when I got them they had one inch balls there covered in multi colored glitter that came off everywhere. 

So I completely disassembled them and I made six sets of five each with their own extra bling. They are going to be used in the wedding to decorate the bouquets and then after I will keep them all and use them to spruce up our Christmas tree. At the time I did not know how may bridesmaids I would have so I just bought what was available and went from there. I think I paid $25 for all of them. 

The tree ring drawing the starburst mirror and the window are there year round. 

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