Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Progress report - Card holder

We went up to Mary and Leonard's over the weekend and we had a fantastic time. Mary and I worked on the the Thank you notes and Leonard and Mikey finished the table, and sanded, and stained the leaves for the table. Now just a few coats of poly and they will be done. We were however able to take the table home with us. Then we took apart the table that I had had for the last two years and took it apart and loaded it in to the car. Funny story on that table when I first moved to Denver I was talking to a girl named Annika at work telling her how I needed to go shopping for a table that weekend. She told me she was moving that weekend and that she did not need her table anymore. I helped her move, she gave me her table. Then when I got the table that we have now I was mentioning it and she asked what I was going to be doing with the one she had given me? It turns out that she was moving again and that she could use one so I brought it back to her. It is funny how things make it full circle. You may or may not remember the post that I did on the card box for the wedding, well when we went up this weekend Leonard showed me his progress so far:

It is safe to say that I am elated! Remember what it is based on?

The deck will not be on there as it would possibly make the cards get stuck and that weekend there was two feet of snow and no chairs out there. We stood out there maybe for three minutes before we went back inside. 

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