Friday, December 3, 2010


On the subject of Twilight. I cannot wait until Saturday. I have been listening to all of the soundtracks over the last few days getting ready. Now I have a new project. A few months ago Leslie and I went to Rino, we almost died on the plane and I also spilled some tomato juice on my copy of Breaking Dawn that I had brought to read on the plane. 756 pages, I had to replace it.

Now my goal is to go through it chapter by chapter and use the book pages for crafts. My first project?

I am not going to show you pictures yet but I am four hours and three chapters in to this project already, complete post soon to come. 

So today I will be crafting away until I go to the symphony with my love tonight. While I craft I intend to watch One Tree Hill season six, not the whole thing just a few episodes and maybe re-prep to get to see Eclipse again tomorrow by watching Twilight and New Moon. (It is a good thing that I got up at 5am)

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