Thursday, December 23, 2010

My life in Christmas Ornaments

The other night my wonderful step-dad was in town. We met up to exchange somethings and visit. One of the things he had brought with were all of my Christmas ornaments (and some candy cane sugar cookies my mom had made!) I was looking through them and found it kind of humorous, so here without further delay my life in Christmas ornaments:

Baby's First Christmas.

Being raised Catholic I have a lot of angels, the sand dollar I do not recall being mine, but I have and extra one from our trip to San Diego that might be getting a similar treatment soon, it is gray and I would use blue or silver glitter.  

I love to shop, write/blog, purses and movies.

These were some of my favorites as a child, every time I look at them I start singing it's a small world in my head. I love to travel. 

Photography, the wagon (my brother and I are in it, says Tiffy on the front from the only person allowed to call me that without getting slugged my Grannie), and love. 

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  1. All I can say is :). I love and miss you soooo much. Thank you for my goodies as well.
    I smile inside because I am going to make the tree out of pine cone petals also. You old chip off the old block you. I HEART YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH! I will start a blog someday....really.