Friday, December 10, 2010

Wall Hangings

Last night I knew that I wanted six things hung up, so I made sure to tell Mikey the night before. Do you remember the letters that I had gotten a smoking deal on at Restoration Hardware closing sale? Well Mikey hung them above our front door last night.

They will be taken down and used at our guest book signing table at the wedding. 

Virginia Garden Wedding by Jennifer Colina Photography

I also updated some photo shelves that I had in my bedroom back from at my parents house. 

Some of the old pictures, the large on due only to the fact that it had been in storage for so long had picture of me with an ex-boyfriend in them so no pictures of that one. I decided that for now I would put pictures in the eleven spots of the panoramic view from the rotating restaurant at the top of space needle from our recent trip to Seattle (this activity had been from my bucket list). The plan will be that we will do a panoramic shot up at our wedding site the day of the wedding and that will replace it next year. 

This is the space before, and a good idea of what to do with your stockings if you do not have a mantle. 

Mikey being so wonderful and putting them up. 

The only thing I had to adjust to make it work was adding some extra support on this polaroid land camera, because it is long than the shelves. I used some leftover mighty magnets that came on the posting boards that I had picked up for my spice rack (I will post that one soon it is really cool, and one of my favorite things) from the Container Store. 

Afterwards with some of our vintage collections, cameras, glass insolators (that I received from my grandfathers collection after he had passed away), and a microscope that I found at the ARC one day. The most exciting thing about this is that it looks like there is room for at least four more!

Today I am a busy, busy girl. Mikey told me last night that his friend will be staying over on the 15th so that means I only have five days now to get the guest room ready. Last night I finished the lower doors on the hutch today I will be tackling the upper doors, the drawer and possibly the inside painting. If that all happens we might start the reassembly tonight. I am also being a spray painting crazy person. I have a lot of things for the guest room that need to be painted white still and a lot of holiday things that I need to be silver. I am also working on some Christmas ornaments today, that really sounds like a lot but because everything has to dry I am just doing some thing with one and working my way around. I will be a busy bee today and show you he results later. 

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