Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Starburst Mirrors

I really love starburst mirrors, I know that they are trendy right now but I think they are pretty timeless. I found this one at the ARC years back and never did anything with it.

(bad picture I know, back in 2003)

Lately after seeing so many rooms with them I finally, seven years later felt inspired to do something with it.

I also LOVE these hounds-tooth pillows 

This mirror used to be red and I got it at DAV for $4. There was a knot missing in the wood and it took a lot of wood filler to fix. I was in my college room for years. I had not thought much about it until I wanted to do something with the starburst mirror. I used four command strips to secure the starburst to the square mirror. I know that was over kill, however it lives on the top of a tall bookshelf and I did not want to risk it falling.  

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