Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Card Box

I want a unique card box that can be used for decor afterwards. I know that birdcages are very popular but it is just not my thing. I searched like a crazy person my favorite one was this hollowed out log.

I cannot imagine how long that would take. While I would not normally shy away from a time consuming project, I did on this one because woodworking is not really my thing. For example I was 20 hours in on that black table and the boys started it over. I was talking to Mary one day after I had attended a conference at a hotel and saw these charming little log cabins. 

She said that she knows someone that makes custom birdhouses... But Leonard might try and make this one. Mikey and I stayed at this great little cabin the weekend he proposed. What could be better than a replica of our cabin, as our card box. 

I think this will be fantastic!

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