Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hankies, Brass Armadillos, and the Mile High Marketplace

So there was a day over the summer were Melissa and I went to The Mile High Market place, it is this giant flea market just outside of Denver. To say the least we were underwelmed. They said they opened at 7am, we were there, had eaten breakfast and had cash in hand. We were disappointed. Maybe an 8th of it had vendors, and maybe a 4th of them were ready. (unsmiley face) There were a few good finds.I bought a chunk of paste jewels and made it into a headband. I do not have a before picture. but this is the jist:

Besides the chunk of paste jewels I did not have to buy anything the cream floss I have had for like ever, I am talking at least middle school. The ribbon, which I had because I had a blanket that came with it tied around. This is how I stitched it from the back.

And here are a few pictures of people wearing it.

We also got a few pepper plants from the farmers market. I recently moved a few of my plants inside or harvested them for fall. Two of the three pepper plants made it. Mikey is going to get some under cabinet UV lights so we can continue to grow things during the winter. This is the longest any rosemary has ever lived in our possession and we want to see how long it will last.

SO, were were very disappointed by the Mile High Market place and we decided to go to the Brass Armadillo. That was a different experience all together. I bought all sorts of loot there. Including 20 vintage hankies.

I love the idea of the hankies*
 *When people cry in to them, not when they blow their nose in them.

I have enough for guests but I want a special one, I saw this one today at Style Me Pretty and fell in love
Can you imagine with our monogram in kelly green thread in the corner. 

I got a bracelet (which is not pictured yet because it was loaned out for Halloween) which at the time was going to be my wedding bracelet but I found one in Seattle that was more like I had envisioned. I have decided to adorn this on to the gaurder that I will be keeping sort of the same style as the vintage garters made by florriemitton of Etsy

Because the dress is lace, I am thinking blue satin ribbon.

Then at the reception the garter will be auctioned off and there will be a dance off for the bouquet. 


  1. Or you could throw that garter at someone you don't like and clock them. That should leave a mark.....oh sorry.