Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stone Shadow Box Frames

So when I was in college I had to do an art project combining kitsch and memory, so backed with silver and gold wish paper I used little mementos. 

I was never going to use these in decor but I loved the frames and I figured if I was not going to use them to decorate it was a time for a change. 

This is a combination of river rocks that I had from the Pottery Barn from years ago, river rocks from my friend Melissa and stone that I picked up from the beach when I was in San Diego with Mikey. They did not keep their river rock appearance once they were dry so I coated them with clear nail polish. 

I arranged them on varying tones of gray. Then I used a lot of hot glue to keep them in place. 

Then Mikey hung them when I was at work today, isn't he wonderful.

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