Monday, November 8, 2010

Master Bed

Our master is pretty much untouched. I have ideas they are just expensive or time consuming. I sleep the best if the bed is higher or lower than normal. Currently our bed is on risers. As an adult I have never had a headboard. I want one made here are the ideas:

Via Design Sponge - I love the floating nightstands and the upholstered headboard. 
Via Design Sponge - barn board might be cool.
Bows & Sparrows  Tanya's DIY headboard she made from scraps from other projects.
West Elm Storage Bed
West Elm Storage Bed
West Elm Storage Bed
West Elm Storage Bed
SCM Furnishings

I would add lamps too!
Pottery Barn Bristol lamp
Some bling might be fun, can you imagine this on top of barn board?

Mikey brought up the West Elm catalog last night to show me this duvet:

For the record I always buy a king sized blankets for a queen sized bed, I steal the covers so it also helps Mikey get to have some blankets. 

Just a thought. 

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