Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ahh Condo living

We bought a condo this year and for us it just made sense. Mikey works full time and goes to school full time. I work full time, don't like yard work and really like projects. So a whole house of upkeep and a whole yard of up keep did not make sense. There are a lot of pros to living in a condo. All of the exterior is taken care of, landscaping snow removal, we have a pool and a work out room, trash and recycling pickups, and water is included through our HOA. But like everything that has a pros list there is also a con list. I am on the HOA board which is usually a pro but I have set this up to post when I am in my annual HOA meeting with all of the homeowners. I want to be home tonight by eight o'clock so I can watch The Good Wife,

But somehow I doubt that is going to happen. 
(Plus it is sleeting outside and all I want to do is crawl under the covers and take a nap)
Another con is that the neighbor above us and to the left has a little yappy dog that barks all day everyday when no one is home. I have left several notes with no avail, and because I have a very loud downstairs person that I feel if I complain it should be about him so I am going to go another route. I had previously posted that I love that as seen on TV stuff is in retail stores so that you can try it and if it does not work you can bring it back. I will be picking up and new one tomorrow and doing some product testing. 

It says it will work up to twenty feet away, so my plan is to mount it in the linen closet in our bathroom, which is the outermost left side of the condo that is concealed.

I also saw that Best Buy carries cyber clean that I had blogged about previously. It is in a little resealable baggie instead of a cute play-doh reminiscent container but hey I can deal.

 I was trying to explain this stuff to several people today saying that it is technology gack, do you remember gack? This guy at work told me that he had wanted gack forever and he finally go some. He was so excited that he played with it until he fell asleep. That when he woke up it was everywhere, in his hair the carpet, EVERYWHERE. Needless to say that was the end of his gack experience. I just imagine that same thing happening with this stuff and waking up to everything being clean. I am very excited to test it out...

Maybe I will post one of these photo collages, it will just have much more up-to-date technology in it...

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