Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to play hide and seek with your breaker box panel

Like I everyone I have things in our condo that I hate, but cannot change. The idea is to disguise them so they look great and you have no idea what is behind them. You can see a plan for my project for the 3/4 doors that open to our water heater and furnace here. The breaker box panel was easier. I would first like to say that I love looking at goodwill and the ARC for original art, it is truly criminal what you can find in there. Most of the time they are significantly less expensive than a print would be. This particular on is 20x28 and is a pastel. When I was in the goodwill that day I could not tell if it was an original or a nice print. It was in a cheap poster frame where the sides of the frame snap on. So I did what anyone would do, I sat on the floor and took it apart, it was pastel, I was in love, so I bought  it. It has lived many places since then, a bathroom, my old kitchen, ect. I am sad to say that the original frame that I had purchased at Hobby Lobby for $25 (a $50 frame on sale for 50% off) was the only casualty in our move in February. The glass cracked, originally I was going to put a full length mirror here. I really wanted this one from West Elm:

They are not offering the floor length one right now but it was $399.99, I wanted it in white.

When I went to my first IKEA trip with the girls in San Fran I saw that they have ones that are almost exactly the same for $99, but I like this one that will go with the molding in the hallway:

I do not want to pay shipping needlessly so I am waiting until July until our IKEA comes. BY the way Trader Joe's I saw that as of December 3rd you will now have 2 stores in Nebraska, and NONE in Colorado, Just Saying.

This is what we have been looking at for nine months (minus the command strip):

I needed something now, enter original art in a new frame from Michael's for $28ish, and my original art. This is what it looks like now:

It was a little crooked and I was a little worried about the weight so I figured if one was good then three,

Must be better!

Now I might have to find somewhere else for the mirror. I love this!

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