Sunday, November 7, 2010

i heart you williams-sonoma

The other night when Mikey was making the hollandaise sauce for the artichokes he went to put the pepper in and the bottom of the pepper grinder fell off. In to the sauce... I sprung in to action and got it out and cleaned it up, I was trying to put it back together and found that the previous crack had become a chip and the whole part where the tabby thing was, was no longer there. I was destroyed. I love these grinders. In fact at the end of my last relationship I lost the grinders in our "divorce" even though I had picked them out. After we broke up I realized I missed the grinders more than I missed the guy. Enter my mom (dun-da-dun) I said mom all I want for Christmas are these salt and pepper grinders. And guess what was under the tree?

They are truly AMA-ZING!

With these battery-powered mills you can dispense salt or pepper ground to your desired coarseness at the touch of a button. A mini light illuminates the area below the mill – handy for twilight grilling and candlelit dinners.
  • Easy push-button operation.
  • Stainless-steel body with a brushed finish.
  • Durable carbon-steel grinding mechanism for pepper and salt.
  • An acrylic window displays the contents and fill level.
  • A mini light illuminates food below the mill as you grind.
  • Uses three AAA batteries (included).

They are eight and a half inches high they are perfect for candlelight dinners where the lighting is dim but you want to know just how much pepper you are putting on your meal. I went to Williams-Sonoma, and this wonderful lady named Jill swapped the pepper mill out for me and wished me a good week. Yes Jill, I think this will be a great week. :)

Cooking in the background chicken pot pies as the days are getting colder.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful Mommy you have! She loves you sooooooo much.