Monday, November 15, 2010

Here is what I did this weekend...

First of all I was spoiled!

Beef stroganoff and peas

Cocoa, just the way I like it. (ribs and rosemary potatoes)

 Brownies with pecans, walnuts, homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Buffalo with onions and mushrooms covered in cheddar cheese with spinach salad drizzled in miso. 

 I love going to the Miller resort. There is no cell phone reception, we get to sleep in, hot cocoa is made for me just the way I like it several times a day, there is a wonderful hot tub, the stars, did I happen to mention that won the in-law lottery? In addition to the normal perks this time I also had a new zebra robe (that is so snuggly), slippers, and a heating throw fro on the couch. We did so many projects, Leonard and Mary are just as ambitious with projects as we are.

Mary got a lot of these at work they were throwing away some filing cabinets or something. Mary has a huge bag of them. I remember them from last year when she got them and we were trying to figure out what to do with them. After she saw my inspiration board post she had an idea.

Since they were screws, Leonard drilled and then we used a dowel to get through the fabric. 

We made some pillows to match, and I will be bringing Mary up some more to compliment these that I have in my stash at Thanksgiving. 

Then we started making the boutineers, I had forgot the ribbon so we only got to the stage of the floral tape. Pictures will come when the project is complete. 

We also took on some organizational projects, I like to call this a place for everything and everything in its place. 

 This is our dining room table the boys are staining this table to match the entertainment center they made. 

The table has a few more coats of poly before we bring it home, we are expecting to bring it home with us on Thanksgiving. They had all sorts of things to bring home too, chandelier crystals, corks, pictures,  gluten free recipes, Doctor Shutz's air detox, and a diffuser. What a great weekend. Now back to work I go. 

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