Thursday, November 11, 2010

I want S'more

Everyone who knows me knows my obsession with s'mores. I love s'mores they are my favorite thing. There are not many things that I can think of that is better sitting around the campfire making s'mores. I really really wanted to have a s'more bar at the wedding, it does not look like that is going to happen however. There was a pretty large scale fire in Boulder, Colorado this summer and they are a little touchy concerning it. Because our wedding site is at the top of a mountain and the reception venue is pretty irreplaceable see a snippet from their website below

In 1987, during his first visit to Boulder, Mayor Maksud Ikramov announced that Dushanbe planned to present our city with a Teahouse to celebrate the establishment of sister city ties. From 1987 -1990, more than 40 artisans in several cities of Tajikistan created the decorative elements our Teahouse, including its hand-carved and hand-painted ceiling, tables, stools, columns, and exterior ceramic panels. Often these skills are handed down from generation to generation within families. Lado Shanidze served as chief architect.

I even asked if we could od one with sterno as shown in the picture below and they said no. :(

I was thinking maybe we could do favors like this, a DIY featured on Twig and Thistle

The boxes do not seem very green and I am not sure where I could get them. 

These are another option, I hear the sell them at Trader Joe's and I know that they carry them seasonally at Williams-Sonoma.

We have also decided to have cupcakes instead of a cake. I fully support everyone having the correct ratio of frosting to cake. I always feel bad for the people who end up with the middle piece. We will have some a small cake so that we can cut it and it will have a s'more cake topper on it (stay tuned). In the meantime here are some cupcake ideas.

These ones even have a little heart!

Food for thought. 


  1. First, you do realize that "Heart on top of the cupcake is a cut up Rhino or some animal cracker that has met it's demise right? Not very earth friendly.
    I had a Mommy moment, what if we put the smore's kit in a reusable sandwich bag which the Mommy sewed for you? Let me know......

  2. That would be a lot of smores kits, a lot of bags are you sure you would be up for that?