Friday, November 26, 2010

Save to repair, what to do with all of the extra stuff

A lot of people are probably out shopping this morning. I had not shopped for clothes for a while before this last week. I now have a few very cute sweaters and a sparkle tank top. (I never got in to The Hills but it turns out that I do like Lauren Conrad's clothes) I like to make sure that if something happens to the clothes that I can repair it, at the same time I hate having extra buttons on the inside of the shirt because it is harder to iron them correctly. I am against anything that makes ironing harder as I do not like it that much to begin with.

You will need a few basic supplies to complete this project. Labels, mine are white of the generic shipping type labels, little ziplock bags there will be very small parts like beads you will need to keep in, and I like to see what is inside as opposed to small envelopes that are opaque, a pen because I am so neurotic I keep the same one with the supplies so that all of the labels will be the same, and a seam ripper for all of those shirts that have the extra buttons on the inside.  

Gather all of your extras.

If you have the tag from the store they can be very helpful, a lot of times they describe the item so that it can be distinguished from a lot of very similar items at the store. If not describe it yourself. I use the brand what type of clothing it is, the color and any other applicable adjectives. Write out the description on the label and decide how you want them to be laid out. 

I faced the ziplock part of the bag to the right and then placed the label in the upper left hand side, this is what you get when you are done. Then the only thing left is where to store them. I have a whole box for repair or upkeep of items where I keep shoe polish and such. Of course if you do not have something like that you could put them in your sock drawer or with your sewing supplies. 

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